Zibibbo Liquoroso Vito Curatolo Arini 

Wine: fortified white

Year: 2015
Price (ex winery, VAT included): 13 Euro
Annual production (bottles): 10.000 
Ageing: 6 months in stainless steel 
Designation: IGP
Grapes: Zibibbo 100%

One can clearly perceive the long tradition of producing fortified wines they have at Curatolo Arini 1875, founded in 1875 by Vito Curatolo Arini, an historical brand in Marsala. Still nowadays the winery is lead by the heirs of the founder, in collaboration with famous consultants and winemakers, such as Sicilian oenologist Nino Reina and the renowned Tuscan consultant Alberto Antonini. Such artistry appears evidently in Curatolo’s Zibibbo Liquoroso, which is the proof that this vine has found its higher qualitative celebration in the land of Sicily.
After skin maceration for about 12 hours, a soft pressing process and a partial temperature-controlled fermentation (17°-18°), wine distillate is added in order to stop the fermentation process and to guarantee a good level of sugar in the must.
The result is a wine the we particularly enjoyed, that is able to combine a serious alcoholic content (16°) with an extraordinary drinkability, it’s never too sweet or strong (to the point where you’ll forget its alcohol content).
Clear citrusy flavours (lemon and cedar), but also flavours of honey and white flowers (acacia and orange tree). On the palate it tastes velvety and soft with a pleasant acid flavour that guarantees its drinkability and allows original pairing. We chose it for an aperitif (served at a temperature of about 4°) with blue cheese and it was a true success.


Our family has been producing Marsala since 1875, the oldest family owned Marsala producer in Sicily, we are one of the very first to export to the USA, South America and Europe. The many international awards received for our efforts, since 1890 to today, are testimony to both the family’s entrepreneurial skills and the quality of our wines.
In the ’90s we created a new style of monovarietal wine, made only of Sicilian grape varieties which express the unique character and flavours of the Sicilian terroir.
Our wines are today the result of a close collaboration between our local winemaker, Nino Reina, and the renowned international winemaker Alberto Antonini. Our still wines are modern and fruit forward. They each express the unique and different places from which they come: we see our still wines as an expression of both the soil and of the grape variety. Our Marsalas are made combining traditional recipes and ways with innovative, modern techniques.
Today, after 5 generations Vito’s dream is kept alive by his grandson and great

Baglio Curatolo Arini 1875
Via Vito Curatolo Arini 5
91025 – Marsala(TP)